About Us

About Us

Yangzhou Mufeng environmental protection machinery Co., Ltd
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24/7 Response
Whenever, wherever, as long as you are interested in our products and have any questions, as long as you pick up Yuzhong's phone and dial 0514-82203558, we will serve you around the clock.

24 Hours Within 600 km
After receiving the information that users need on-site service, the company guarantees that professional technicians will arrive at the site within 24 hours. Arrive in remote areas within 48 hours.

Commitment to considerate service
If the problem is not solved, our service will not be terminated. Actively cooperate with users when providing users with information and services for product installation, debugging and operation, so as to make the product safely and smoothly put into operation.
Lifelong commitment

Three guarantees of credit within half a year

If the product is identified as a quality problem within half a year, the compensation liability specified in the "Three Guarantees" shall be strictly performed.
Super long shelf life of 20 years
For products that exceed the "Three Guarantees" period, we provide you with a 20-year warranty period. Once the product fails, we will provide thoughtful and paid services within 24 hours.



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Fax: 0514-87832611
Website: www.yzmufeng.com

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